Who We Are, What We Do

The members of the Daisan Shoutai consist of motivated living historians, whose
aim is to portray the professional and highly-trained servicemen of the Imperial
Japanese Army as seen in the China Incident and the Pacific War of the 1930's
and 40's..  We recreate history by attending public displays and battle
reenactments, as well as immersing ourselves in private tactical events.  Daisan
Shoutai pledges itself to honoring warfighters with accuracy and respect.  
Our Interests

Prospective members are required to share one thing in common with current
members, a passion for military history.  Every member has a strong interest in
the history of World War II, military reenacting, uniforms, field equipment,
weaponry, and specifically possess the desire to acquire knowledge about the
Japanese military.  

Daisan Shoutai is renowned for its authenticity, consistency, and professionalism.
Only the best are part of the Daisan Shoutai!  We value quality additions to the
team and thus expand at a deliberate pace.  Each member will obtain a superb kit
as well as knowledge and enlightenment in many fields of military study to include
but not limited to: dress and appearance, customs and courtesies, weapons and
tactics, etc. The unit is prejudiced to the extent of gaining exacting members with
an eye for detail, of course members love to meet new people and create lasting
friendships too!  We shun the so-called "farby" in-accuracies, poor individual
health, and politics as these do not positively contribute to the unit or mission.  
Those who seek a party without work will find no quarter amongst the Daisan
Shoutai.  We love the research and training as much as the camaraderie and
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