Who We Are, What We Do
Members of the Daisan Shoutai consist of highly motivated living historians
portraying the professional and highly-trained servicemen of the Imperial
Japanese Army as seen in the Second Sino-Japanese and Pacific Wars of the
mid-twentieth century.  We bring history to life by attending public static displays
and battle reenactments as well as immersing ourselves in private tactical events.  
Daisan Shoutai pledges itself to honoring all nations' warriors with dignity and
Prospective members are required to posses a passion for military history and
demonstrate their commitment to the
existing team in upholding the highest
standards in authenticity.  The only fixed membership requirement is a minimum
age of 16 in order to handle firearms.
 Understand that participation in certain
events often dictate
s strict guidelines on attendance and/or participation as lawful
; for example, females or persons with mobility disabilities being
barred from participating in public parade replicating a WW2 period formation


Additionally, any military reenacting unit should require a high degree of discipline
and members must be willing to apply themselves in adopting the customs and
organizational culture of the military they represent.

Daisan Shoutai is renowned for its authenticity, consistency, and professionalism.  
We value quality additions to the team and thus expand at a deliberately slow
pace.  Each member will obtain an authentic kit while appropriating knowledge on
several fields of military study to include but not limited to:
military dress and
appearance, close order drill,
military customs and courtesies, military ceremony,
weapons and tactics, etc. The unit looks forward to gaining members with an eye
for detail and the commitment to learn.  We shun so-called "farby" in-accuracies

and anachronisms
in uniform and equipment and general decorum as these do
not reflect positively upon the unit or
the historical reenacting community.  We
love the research and training as much as the camaraderie!
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