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30-nen Shiki Juuken/Type 30th year Bayonet
20 inch long blade bayonet.
Early versions produced with hooked quillion/blade
Latter examples omitted the hooked quillion.

2 Shiki Juuken/Type 2 Bayonet
Short model bayonet, issued with Type 100 SMG and
airborne/commando units.

26 Shiki Kenjuu/Type 26 Pistol
9mm, double-action, 6-round cylinder revolver.

14 Shiki Kenjuu Nambu/Type 14 Nambu Pistol
8mm, recoil operated, semi-automatic, detachable box
magazine fed pistol.

94 Shiki Kenju/Type 94 pistol
8mm, recoil operated, semi-automatic, detachable box
magazine fed pistol.

38 Shiki Hoheiju Arisaka/Type 38 Arisaka Infantry Rifle
6.5mm, single shot bolt action rifle.
4 versions: Long ,short, carbine, and the Type 97 sniper w/2.5x scope.

44 Shiki Kiju Arisaka/Type 44 Arisaka (Cavalry) Carbine
6.5mm, single shot bolt action rifle.
Exclusive cavalry model of Type 38, carbine remains identical with the
addition of an under-barrel folding triangular spike bayonet.

99 Shiki Hoheiju Arisaka/Type 99 Arisaka Infantry Rifle
7.7mm, single shot bolt action rifle.
4 versions: Long, short, sniper w/ 4x scope, and Type 2 TERA (Teishin-Rakkasan).  Early
models produced with accessories such
as AA butterfly sights and wire monopod.

BE Shiki Takikanjuu/ Bergmann MP18 Submachine Gun
Imported: Swiss SIG M1920 (licensed copy of MP18/I)
7.63mm, blowback operated, detachable box magazine fed SMG.
Issued IJN c.1920s. Issued IJA limited numbers c.1930s.

100-40 Shiki Takikanjuu/Type 100-I Submachine Gun
Inspired by the Bergmann design.
8mm, blowback operated, detachable box magazine fed SMG.
Put into mass production in 1940.  Two versions existed, fixed stock and
folding stock for airborne use (limited production).  

100-44 Shiki Takikanju/Type 100-II Submachine Gun
Next evolution of the Type 100.  Design was simplified,rate of fire increased,
and only a fixed stock version was produced.  

11 Shiki Keikikanjuu/Type 11 Light Machine Gun
6.5mm, gas-operated, hopper fed machine gun.

96/99 Shiki Keikikanjuu/Type 96/99 Light Machine Gun
LMG inspired by the Czech ZB26.
Gas-operated, detachable box magazine fed.
Type 96 was chambered for 6.5mm.
Type 99 was chambered for 7.7, w/ addition of buttstock monopod and conical flash

3/92 Shiki Juukikanjuu/Type 3/92 Heavy Machine Gun
HMG inspired by Hotchkiss designs.
Gas-operated, clip fed.
Type 3 was chambered for 6.5mm.
Type 92 was chambered for 7.7mm.

91/97/99 Shiki Tekidan(Teryuudan)/Type 91/97/99 Hand Grenades
Type 91/97 High Explosive Fragmentation Grenades [serrated body]
Type 91 characterized by screw-on booster at bottom of grenade.
Type 99 High Explosive Grenade [smooth body]

10/89 Shiki Tekidantou/Type 10/89 Grenade Discharger
Type 10 50mm Smooth bore grenade discharger, uses grenades.
Type 89 50mm Rifled bore grenade discharger, uses Type 89 shells
or grenades.
Type 38 Carbine
Type 44 Cavalry Carbine (Mid)
Type 2 TERA (Paratroop) Rifle
Type 100-I SMG
Type 89 Grenade Discharger
Type 30 Bayonet (Early and Late)
Type 14 Pistol (Early & Late)
Type 94 Pistol (Early)
Type 38 Rifle (Early, Long Rifle)
Type 99 Rifle
Type 11 LMG
Type 99 LMG
Type 97 Hand Grenade